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Try out these AI narrated audio recordings of my books!

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Listen to this free Audio Excerpt (narrated by AI ) of the prequel novella, A Killer Observation...

Amelia Ferver doesn’t have time for distractions, but when a peculiar odour and a mysteriously unlocked door catch her attention, she knows she must investigate…


Amelia is rushing through the rabbit-warren of backstage corridors of the Empress theatre, where the production of her mother’s play, Belittle Ye Not, has recently ended, when she notices a fruity smell wafting in from the main auditorium.


Following her instincts—and that dreadful smell—Amelia discovers that it’s not just the curtain that fell after the final performance…so did her friend Jim, the stagehand.


When the police label Jim's death a suicide, Amelia is determined prove them wrong. She’s sure he was pushed…not pushed to kill himself.

Embarking on her own investigation, Amelia finds suspects and motives a-plenty but can this inexperienced sleuth uncover the truth, and unmask a murderer?

Chapter 1
00:00 / 11:55
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Coming soon! Full AI audio version of A Killer Opening!

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